Open Source Deployment, Customization & Integration

Open source apps you host & control, on the hyperscale or private cloud.

Open Source Collaboration Suite

Create unlimited inboxes & cloud storage accounts with an open source alternative to G Suite and Office 365.

Cloud Storage & Collaboration

Sync & share files to any device, and collaborate in real-time with web-based office integration.

Self-Hosted Email  Inboxes

Professional hosted email at your domain with spam filtering, IMAP access, and encryption.

Open Marketing Automation

Open-source marketing automation – Send personalized marketing emails with no contact limits.

Decentralized Social Media

Host your own microblogging platform using an open-source Twitter alternative, for your brand, product community, or journalistic organization.

Cloud Migration & Optimization

Migrate your applications to reduce cloud costs and save up to 75% versus major cloud providers.

Security & Encryption

Secure your servers with encryption of data in-transit and at-rest, and protect against malicious attacks.

Open Source in Your Environment

Software as a Service

  • Low ongoing cost of ownership
  • Pay once for setup, and support as needed
  • Free to move to any infrastructure
  • You fully own and control your data
  • Uncertainty of rising costs
  • Subscription must be kept current
  • Risk of lock-in, with limited data export
  • Data is subject to vendor’s policies

Open Source, Self-Hosted Apps

Adopting a SaaS can cause your costs to quickly spiral out of control as your organization’s needs grow. But deploying & hosting the applications you need on your own is a headache, especially without an in-house IT team. With managed self-hosted apps, you get the best of both worlds.

Leave the server configuration & maintenance to the professionals, while maintaining the control over your data you desire. As you add more users or store more data, your organization will save by paying only for infrastructure, not an arbitrary subscription tier.

Our apps run well in environments from bare metal servers, virtual machines, to containers. Containerized apps reduce costs by shrinking your compute footprint, simplifying software updates, and freeing you from cloud lock-in with app portability.

To every extent possible, we design infrastructure that is cloud agnostic, and adopt multi-cloud strategies across major providers including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, DigitalOcean, and Linode.

Professionally Installed & Maintained

Let our cloud architects plan a smooth roll-out in your preferred environment, right-size, and scale your implementation over time. Maintaining an open source, self-hosted application shouldn’t mean you’re limited to community support.

Leave the security, backup, and administration headaches to us, and you’ll barely even realize you went self hosted instead of SaaS. Benefit from the hours of validation we do in our internal labs and experience managing customer instances just like yours.